How to Earn Money Online (A SIMPLE 2020 GUIDE)

earn money online
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Table of Contents

Learning how to earn money online can be a great way to pay off debt, save for a special trip, or earn some extra spending cash.

There are so many work-from-home opportunities advertised online.

It’s often difficult to figure out which are legitimate and which are a waste of your time.

We’ve saved you the trouble by sorting through the garbage by creating a summary of the best ways to legitimately earn money online.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

When looking for ways to earn money online you would be well-advised to take this advice and spend the time to find something that you will enjoy.

The best online job is one that feels like a hobby.

But allows you to earn recurring revenue now and into the future.

 One or more of these ten ideas might be the perfect one for you.

#1 – Turn Your Passion into Cash

No matter what your skill or passion, you are likely to find a way to sell it online. 

These are a few of our favorite sites to help you get started.

Fiverr – this site allows sellers to market all types of tasks and services for $5 a pop. The offerings range from professional to downright weird.

From business card design to singing happy birthday in your underwear, if you can dream it up you can sell it on Fiverr.

Fotolia – you don’t have to be a professional photographer or have expensive equipment to earn money online to sell your photos. 

Submitting your photos on this site give you the ability to reach millions of users across all Adobe platforms. Commissions are earned for each photo sold.

The percentage varies depending on your ranking and chosen licensing options.

Udemy – share your knowledge with the world and earn money every time a student enrolls in one of your online classes.

No teaching degree is required and creating classes is easy thanks to the site’s extensive support network.

Classes can be created to cover an array of topics such as crafts, cooking, gaming, business music, writing and many others.

Etsy – if you have a knack for creating homemade items, Etsy is the place for you. 

More than arts and crafts, this popular online marketplace offers beautiful handcrafted jewelry, clothing, household and personal care items, original art, and other unique items.

Earn Money Online using CafePress

Submit your original creative design or photos to CafePress.

Create a collection of items like notebooks, phone cases, mugs, and shirts to sell.

CafePress handles any necessary cropping or resizing needed to make your items look perfect.

All items are sold directly through their site.

You make money by receiving a royalty every time one of your items is sold.

There is very minimal effort required and it doesn’t cost you a dime to get started.

IZEA – if you write a blog, tweet, have a YouTube channel, or actively use Instagram then you can monetize your online influence.

Major brand-name companies pay internet influencers to write blog posts, take pictures, post videos and more.

Companies list requests for sponsored posts or social campaigns to the IZEA dashboard.

You choose the opportunities that are interesting to you and put in a bid for the price you are willing to accept for the job.

If your offer is accepted, you create the assignment, wait for it to be approved, post it, and get paid.

One unique feature of this company is that every team member who joins is given ownership in the company through stock options.

If you have a strong online presence, this is definitely worth checking out.

UpWork – finding freelance work has never been easier. 

Create a profile to reflect your skills and the type of work you would like to do.

UpWork shows you potential matches from a database of job postings.

Jobs may be large or small and could be one-off or long-term. 

Just about any work that can be done on a computer can be found on UpWork.

Including web design, writing, customer service, and administration.

#2 – Think Small

If you have a chaotic schedule, consider earning money online by completing short tasks or assignments, also known as microtasks. 

These typically take only a few minutes to complete and can be squeezed in whenever you have the time.

Amazon Mechanical Turk – complete short HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks) like transcribing receipts or visiting websites to search for information.

The payout is usually just few pennies per task but each task takes only a minute or two.

You can also complete short tests to qualify for higher-paying tasks.

InboxDollars – earn cash for taking surveys, playing online games, reading emails, searching the web and more.

The site also provides a $5.00 bonus just for signing up.

Swagbucks – earn points to redeem for gift cards doing the same types of tasks as you would find on InboxDollars.

Both sites are very popular, and signing up for both doubles your income potential.

CrowdFlower – complete short tasks such as transcription, data collection and internet research for a quick and easy payday.

This site also gives you the option of takin short tests to qualify for more complex and higher-paying tasks.

#3 – Become a Star

Did you know that you can make real money by posting YouTube videos?

The YouTube Partner program enables contributors to earn money from their videos in a variety of ways.

To be successful in making money on YouTube, you will need to build an audience of loyal followers.

The larger your following, the more earning potential you will have.

Focus on building your fan base above all else and earnings will follow.

How to make money by Monetize Program

Advertising – once you have enabled monetization on your account, you will be able to run ads on your videos.

You can also earn money from YouTube Red subscriptions.

This pays you depending on how much time members spend watching your content versus other content available on the site.

Fan Funding – if you have enabled fan funding on your channel.

Viewers can send you money with the click of a button. 

Creating engaging content that people will want to support is the key to success.

Create a unique greeting message to inspire people to fund your page.

You can also encourage repeat funders by creating a custom video or message that fans will see after supporting your channel.

When funds are received, YouTube keeps a small portion and forwards the rest on to you.

Merchandising – create branded items like stickers or shirts and promote them directly on your video using Merchandise cards. 

When your video is playing, a teaser will pop up at the time that you choose.

Viewers can click on the teaser to view all cards you have linked to your video.

Brand Connection – brands looking to reach audiences in targeted demographics and are willing to pay for a spots on the right channels.

Channel Pages easily connects YouTube content creators, influencers, and sponsors. Sync your channel, collaborate with other channels to build your audience, and negotiate deals with paid sponsors.

#4 – Make a List

Lists aren’t just for groceries any more. These sites will pay you from $5 to $100 dollars for your original submissions. 

The downside is that your work may not be accepted, but the potential pay-off makes list-writing worth checking out.

WondersList – submit your unique content idea for review by the WondersList editors. If accepted your list will be published on the front page of the website and you will receive $5.00. Lists must consist of ten items and should be over 800 words in total.

ListVerse – this site will pay you $100 for every submission that they accept. No previous writing skill is required other than being able to write like a native English speaker.

Lists need to have at least 10 items and at least one or two paragraphs per item. You are free to choose any topic that you wish.

One should note that the most likely to be accepted are ones that are offbeat, interesting, or have a humorous twist.

TSM Plug – this is a place for sports enthusiasts to create top 5 or 10 lists about virtually anything sports-related. 

Accepted posts pay five dollars. Of you are accepted into their contribution program and become a premier publisher, pay goes to $10 per post.

#5 – Sell Your Words

If you enjoy researching topics and writing about them, may find that freelance work is a good fit for you. 

There is a fairly large market for writers to create content to be used online. Most common are articles or blog posts.

You may also find work creating item descriptions for catalogs or websites, or doing article re-writes.

The pay will depend on your skill level and the complexity of assignments accepted. You must have a solid grasp of the English language, including punctuation and grammar.

Willing to put some time and effort into honing your skills. Here are a few sites to get you started.

iWriter – Pairs content writers with businesses and individuals who are actively looking for specific articles. Start right away without having to submit a writing sample or go through an approval process.

The downside is that you must start at the very bottom, writing the lowest-paid articles. Once you have submitted 30 articles with a 4-star rating.

You have the opportunity to move up to more complicated and higher-paid assignments.

Payment for basic articles ranges from $1-$7 depending on the length and complexity. Requesters have the right to reject your articles. 

So you want to check the requester’s approval rating before accepting an assignment.

Textbroker – this is another content site similar to iWriter. To get started, register and submit a writing sample. 

Within a few days you will receive your official star rating and can begin taking assignments from a variety of topics.

Pay varies depending on your star rating and article length. A three-star writer earns one penny per word. The editors review each submission and provide feedback.

This can be a great way to polish your skills in preparation for moving on to higher-paying gigs.

Use Matodor Network to earn money online

Matador is the world’s largest independent travel publisher, and is open to accepting articles from freelance contributors. Send an original draft of 1500 words or less, and if accepted you will receive a standard payment of $40.

The volume of submissions received, they may not reply to you if your article is not a good fit. If you don’t hear back in a few months it may be time to try again.

The Penny Hoarder – this site is seeking writers who have fun, unique ideas for earning, saving, or investing money. Submissions should be 700-900 words and should be written in an easy, friendly style.

They also accept pitches, which might help to save you from wasting time writing an article that isn’t of interest. Accepted articles pay $75.

#6 – Sell Your Stuff

Everyone knows about eBay and CraigsList, but there are plenty of other options for selling your stuff online. Some focus on high-end or niche items.

While others take the hassle out of dealing with processing, shipping, and customer service.

Look around your garage, closets, children’s rooms – you are probably sitting on a mountain of stuff that you can sell for cold, hard cash.

Amazon – clear out your clutter and make fast cash by selling virtually anything on Amazon

List your items for sale on Amazon. The great thing about this is that when shoppers look for an item on Amazony, your item will show up as well. This gives you access to millions of shoppers every day.

You don’t want to worry about the hassle of packing and shipping your items. You have the option to ship everything directly to the Amazon warehouse. They will store the items until they are sold and then will handle packaging and sending to the buyer.

OfferUp – simply take a photo of items you want to sell with your smartphone and post them on the app. Your item is uploaded to the local marketplace page and interested buyers can message you with any questions. 

Agree on a price and a time and place to meet for the exchange. It’s that easy!

Earn Money Online using Facebook Groups

You wouldn’t normally think of Facebook as a place to sell your used stuff. There are lots of groups that do just that. Find a group in your area, post photos, and sell your items.

Although you can simply access groups through your regular Facebook page. Downloading the Facebook Groups app for iPhone or Android will make your life much easier. .

The app has a convenient interface for organizing all of your groups in one place. You can choose notification settings to help you to stay on top messages regarding your sales

TheRealReal – this online consignment shop focuses on authentic luxury items from brands like Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Rolex, and more. Ship your items to TheRealReal for free and they photograph, merchandise, and sell your items fast.

You can earn up to 70% of the sale price for your items.

Poshmark – if you have a closet full of high-end women’s clothing and accessories, consider unloading them on Poshmark.

You list your items and ship them directly to the buyer and the company takes care of payment processing. They will also provide you with prepaid shipping label for items up to five pounds.

You pay a $2.95 commission for items under $15 and 20% on higher-priced items.

Loanables – if you have items gathering dust but aren’t necessarily ready to sell, consider a site like Loanables. Post items that you are willing to rent out and Loanables assists in the transaction by adding security features and a legally binding loan contract. They charge a 10% fee on the rental price for their services.

#7 – Type it Out

Transcription requires listening to audio files and typing out what you hear. Legal and medical transcription typically requires a degree, but there are several online sites that allow beginners to perform general transcription work. 

To be successful, you will need to have excellent typing skills and a good dose of patience.

It should be noted that most companies pay per audio hour. 

which refers to the length of the audio file you are transcribing. It’s likely to take well more than an hour to transcribe one audio hour. Your actual hourly pay will depend on you typing speed and skill-level.

Neither of these companies require special software or equipment, making them the perfect starting point for the beginner transcriptionist.

TranscribeMe – after passing a short skills test you will be put on a waiting list for transcription projects. The company pays $20 per audio hour.

Rev – once you pass the required skill test you are able to choose from a variety of transcription assignments. Work as much or as little as you like. The pay works out to about $24 to $39 per audio hour.

#8 – Share the Knowledge

If you have expert qualifications or just a lot of general knowledge, you may be able to make money selling it online.

PrestoExperts – Company pairs people who need expert advice with those who have the knowledge-base. When you sign up as an expert you will need to create a profile. Lists your qualifications, education, and other information, that your clients will want to know.

You have the option of connecting with clients using chat, voice or email. Set your own rates and accept work at your own discretion. Categories include technology, counseling, education, programming, and more.

JustAnswer – choose from over 175 categories, submit your resume including personal information, work history, and education. Once approved as an expert, simply answer questions and get paid.

Wonder – visit the research dashboard to view open requests, research topics that interest you and submit your findings. On average, questions pay between $8 and $16.

#9 – Speak Up

We all have plenty of opinions, why not get paid for them? There are many sites that offer payment for surveys, and some are more reliable than others. 

We did our research and found you some of the most reliable ones available today. Each of the following sites offer free registration, and no specific skills are required.

Global Test Market – surveys on this site typically take about 15 minutes and pay around $5

E-Poll – when you sign up for E-Poll they email you when surveys are available. Completed surveys are rewarded with points that can be used like cash to fund your PayPal account or redeemed for gift cards from major retailers.

Survey Club – offers paid surveys, private panels, focus groups, clinical trials, in-home usage tests, taste-tests, and mystery shopping studies. Rewards vary and may include cash, gift cards, prize drawings, and charitable contributions.

i-Say – complete surveys for points that can be redeemed for gift cards from many online retailers, Visa prepaid cards, or PayPal credit. i-Say also offers a loyalty program, so the more surveys you take, the more reward points you receive. Every time you enter a survey you are also entered into a drawing to win vacations or other prizes.

Learn, how to make money by doing simple Research

Vindale Research – this survey site pays $2 for registering, and surveys can pay as much as $50. There are hundreds of new surveys added every day. They tend to be more interesting than some of the ones available on other sites. Conveniently, you don’t have to deal with a points system as all payments are made in cash.

eJury – far from your typical survey site, eJury is a forum for attorneys to pre-try their cases before going to trial. Sign up to be an eJuror and review the facts, answer questions, and let them know what your verdict would be. As if that weren’t exciting enough, it also pays $5-10 for each verdict submitted.

#10 – Surf the Net

Several companies pay users to test and review websites or search engine results. Some require more effort than others, but all can pay well if you are willing to put in the time.

User Testing – this company pays you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts aloud. Businesses want to hear your feedback about the ease of use or other observations.

Tests take about 20 minutes and pay $10 each. You will need a computer with a good internet connection and may need to purchase an inexpensive microphone. You will also need to download software that allows the company to view your screen as you navigate the testing sites.

Complete a short sample test, provide some demographic information. Soon you will start to receive email notifications when testing opportunities arise. New tests are posted daily.

Leapforce – become an independent agent with Leapforce and get paid to evaluate and improve results for major search-engine companies. To get started you must register and pass a three-part qualification exam. You will need to study and the exam is difficult. If you pass, you will be hired and earn about $13 per hour.

Loop11 – get paid for helping companies improve their websites by completing usability studies and related research. After completing a short registration, you will begin to receive emails with instructions for completing available studies. Most studies take 10 minutes and pay one dollar, some run 30-40 minutes and pay four to five dollars each.

StartUpLift – register for this site to test websites for startup businesses. The business provides their URL and an overview of the specific tasks that they would like completed. You visit the website, complete the tasks, share your thoughts, and get paid $5 for each accepted job.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, there are a ton of fun and creative ways to earn money online. Whether you have a specific talent or just some extra time. 

You are likely to find something that is both profitable and enjoyable. If the first thing you try doesn’t feel like a good fit, keep looking. 

There are so many options you are bound to eventually find something that is perfect for you.

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